Banks and Financial Organizations

logo-400x400Bank of Georgia

  • Installation of LAN infrastructure at the Bank’s Head Office and branches in Tbilisi and regions of Georgia.
  • Installation of IP Telephony system based on Cisco solutions. Installation of Call Centre based on Cisco Call Centre solution.


logo_republicBank Republic Société Générale Group

  • A Cisco IPCC Express based Contact Center platform with 30 seats and in high availability configuration has been deployed for the main Contact Center of the Bank.
  • Annual detailed network audit in HQ and branches.
  • Network redesign and optimization.
  • Design and implementation of a backup datacenter for disaster recovery; Network audit in the bank’s HQ and regional offices, provision of a detailed report with recommendations.



VTB Bank Georgia

  • Reconfiguration of HQ Transparent Cisco ASA into Routing Mode.
  • Implementation of High Availability solution for existing infrastructure and redundant links to branches using routing protocols.
  • Implementation of Access Layer with Cisco Catalyst Switch Security features.
  • Network audit with detailed report and recommendations;
  • Reconfiguration of existing network topology in bank’s head office.


logo_liberty_largeLiberty Bank

  • Design and security enhancement for PCI DSS compatibility.
  • Integration of the Perimeter Cisco ASA Firewalls with IPS modules into existing network topology; Implementation of Cisco Wireless solution with dot1x and WPA2 Enterprise; Implementation of two-factor authentication for remote access to critical bank services.


logo_procreditProcredit Bank

  • Integration of Cisco ASA Firewalls with IPS modules into the bank’s HQ network infrastructure. Implementation of the High Availability solution for existing infrastructure and redundant links to branches. Configuration of the first Cisco MARS in Georgia.
  • Implementation of a contact center with 11 agents and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.


logo_KSB_large KorStandard Bank

  • Network redesign and deployment


logo_cartu_largeCartu Bank

  • Network optimization and redesign for PCI DSS compatibility.


logo_progress_largeProgress Bank

  • Network and security audit