Enterprise Networks

Our enterprise networking solutions help you innovate faster, simplify operations, and reduce risk.By designing , implementing and managing your networks, we help your business operate more efficiently.


Local Area Networking

Greennet specializes in delivering solutions around local area network infrastructure. Local Area Networks have moved far beyond providing basic hub and switches enabling user connectivity. While designing and building any computer system it is extremely important to consider quality and design of your network infrastructure backbone. Some of the areas that need to be carefully addressed are network segregation (VLANs), routing, network security, network resource access control, quality of service, high-availability.

Traffic engineering becomes extremely important aspect of information delivery addressing any possible bottlenecks such as limited bandwidth, network latency, and packet loss. While for some applications certain network limitation will not introduce serious performance impact for others it may cause major performance issues resulting in loss of user productivity and system downtime.

While local area networks may appear as a well understood technology, it is constantly evolving field providing Voice, Video and Data delivery combined with additional Network Access Control and infrastructure security.

Greennet brings deep expertise around designing and implementing Local Area Network infrastructure, taking into consideration High Availability, Quality of Service, Disaster Recovery and working with mission critical applications including Voice, Video and Data.


Wide Area Networking

Greennet specializes in delivering Wide Area Network connectivity solutions. Wide Area Network has moved far beyond ISDN switched circuits and leased lines. Today it is rather complicated mix of service offerings and connectivity technologies.

When designing and implementing Wide Area Network it is extremely important to have a deep knowledge and experience, working with various types of existing technologies, service provider solutions and industry innovations. When designing Wide Area Network infrastructure it is important to be aware of available technology solutions, common best practices and service offerings from service providers.

Greennet specializes in delivering solutions providing Wide Area Network connectivity addressing areas such as Network Redundancy, Traffic Engineering, Disaster Recovery, Traffic Optimization, Quality of Service.


Wireless Networking

Wireless networking has become essential component of network infrastructure for most of the companies.

User mobility and collaboration requires easy and secure access to network resources for corporate users as well as contractors and guests.

Additional application such as voice, paging, video streaming are being added to wireless infrastructure which requires sufficient system capacity and proper RF signal propagation throughout the area.

Proper RF planning, capacity planning and security become extremely important aspects of wireless infrastructure design.