Are your defenses as resilient as your digital ambitions?

Digitization—creating business value through digitized assets and expanded connectivity—is increasing exposure to cyber attacks. As a result, cyber-risk strategies are under the microscope.

Better Security means better business. Extend your Security everywhere to protect your network, applications, data and your organization.

Enterprise security is a complex and fast-moving target.

The stakes are high. A breach could expose your organization to reputational damage which can directly result into financial damage.  Legal Compliances do matter and it provides confidence to your organization and to your end customers the absence of the same can lead to penalties.

Security is one of the most challenging organizational issues to design, implement and sustain. We, at Greennet understand the importance of Security as critical to organizational success and we have built holistic approach to Security rather than a piece meal.

Greennet offers end-to-end security and compliance solutions for all businesses. We will audit and address the key challenges your business face and propose to improve the agility of information security and compliance programs to stay in front of the ever evolving IT risks and threats.

The security of your systems and networks needs to keep pace with your business initiatives. In today’s world of online security threats and breaches, there needs to be a balance between access, security and control of your IT environment. Greennet will evaluate, design, integrate and deploy trusted and secure systems for you to ensure no breaches that is detrimental to your business will occur.


Network Security

Network Access control is one of the fastest growing security technologies. Traditionally network access within organizations has been wide-open to anyone who can physically connect to network port. With increasing number of contractor employees, user collaboration and guest visitors, uncontrolled network access presents a major threat to company’s intellectual assets.
Network Access Control provides ability to identify users based on login information, present authentication web portal and identify guest users, control access to network resources as well as enforce company’s security policies on user’s machines.
When deploying NAC solution a number of different areas need to be thoroughly investigated, such as network infrastructure, end-user environment, company’s policies, guest and contractors access requirements.
Greennet has broad experience in designing and implementing NAC solutions working with multiple vendors. Relying on our experience we can recommend a proper solutions based on customer’s existing infrastructure and business needs.

External Network Security, also referred as Perimeter Security has become essential component of network security infrastructure. With wide variety of network security products offering first level of defense and protecting from low-level and high-level attacks, a broad number of criteria needs to be assessed in order to select the right solution.

Greennet  specializes in External Network Security architecting and implementing security solutions using products such as Firewalls, VPN Access, Intrusion Detection and Intrustion Prevention Systems.


Web Application Security

While the majority of business applications and resources are being made available via web interface, it introduces significant security threat and presents a need to enforce web application security to protect user information and company’s intellectual assets.

Traditionally network devices such as Firewalls and IDS/IPS solutions had been used to protect and control access to the network resources. While those devices can be very effective at low-level attacks, Web Application Firewalls provide additional level of security introducing higher level of intelligence addressing web application security. Web Application Firewalls are usually use positive and negative security models effectively protecting from high-level attacks.

Greennet is experienced in designing and delivering Web Application Firewalling solutions working with industry’s leading solutions providers and manufacturers.


Database Security

IT operations, compliance and security organizations must protect thestrategic information in their databases from misuse, mistakes, insider abuse, and external threats. It is important for organizations to provide complete database security, including sensitive data discovery, data leakage prevention, database breach prevention, and protection against database vulnerabilities.

In addition, Database Auditing provides complete visibility and control over application and data access. Database auditing and visibility into database changes helps organiztions to ensure and demonstrate the integrity of applications and databases.